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What are some reasons I might consider earning a bachelor’s degree online?

Today, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is practically a prerequisite to work in many well-paying fields. But you can save time and money by earning your bachelor’s degree online.

Would you like to graduate with an accredited online bachelor’s degree in one or two years, instead of the four years it takes to complete a degree program in a conventional university?

While earning your online bachelor’s degree, you can earn your degree while you continue to hold a job, so you won’t lose income while you go to school.

Conventional out-of-state colleges can cost anywhere from $15K to $50K per year for tuition only, not counting the costs of books, room and board, and interest on your student loans.

Online schools can cost less because there are fewer fees associated with the programs. Some online colleges charge tuition per semester, not per credit, so you can save money by completing degree at an accelerated pace.

Many employers today demand at least a bachelor’s degree. For many people, an online university offers the best opportunity to obtain that degree.


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